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Fundamentals of sustainable agri food systems


The focal point of the course is to provide a basic and advanced knowledge on fundamental of food science and technology focused on sustainable agri food systems. Further on it aims to develop skills and understand concepts needed to apply critical scientific analysis to contemporary issues concerning raw material transformation and stabilization into final agrifood products, also the safety and quality control aspects.

This class will provide you skills and conceptual knowledge to understand, evaluate and critique contemporary issues on sustainability, with a strong focus in agrifood systems. This includes an overview of the main knowledge needed to understand agri-food transformation and stabilization process of food, from engineering, quality and safety point of view. We also emphasize the development of computer-based data analysis skills, formal writing and critical analysis of scientific literature.

Particular emphasis is given in sustainable approaches for food production and processing. It also covers different aspects of sustainable agrifood systems that utilise and valorise food using sustainable plant, animal and food ingredients resources production and availability as a food to local, regional and international markets.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Understanding sustainability of agri food production system.

  • Understand and apply key conceptual concepts relevant to conventional and advanced food production, including packaging technology.

  • explains the processing of raw materials into final food products that meet new market expectations;

  • understand and control the preparation of a large diversity of ingredients using additional properties to move from the raw materials into new food products;

  • investigate the biological and biochemical conversions and physicochemical treatment of food from animal sources, plant sources and food ingredients.

  • Demonstrate understanding, awareness and interrelations of sustainability of agro food production system.

  • Identify underutilized and novel resources and their potential.

  • Apply systems thinking to predict and explain issues related to food quality control and food security. 

  • Evaluate and solve problems in primary production and food industry related to sustainable food production and supply chain.

  • Analyze and trace the quality of food during the agrifood chain.

  • To write a well-organized, well-reasoned, and clear analysis of a scientific article/Evaluate scientific basis, and explain the causes of contemporary problems. Form informed opinion about the status, threats, and future of sustainable agrifood systems, and articulate these opinions by providing scientific evidence.