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Innovative practices of harvesting and post harvesting


The focal point of the course is to provide a strong background in ecological sustainability of fish resources utilization through proper management and conservation. Further on it aims to develop skills and understand concepts needed to apply critical scientific analysis to contemporary issues in management and conservation of fish species and resources.


The focal point of the course is to provide a strong background in harvesting and conservation techniques, transport of fresh horticultural crops with emphasis on maintaining the quality and safety of the product. Through lectures, field trips and course assignments the students will be able to evaluate and analyze methodically all the processes.

Particular emphasis is given in problematic of pre and postharvest technologies and possible use of new technologies in this sector.


Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Understand and analyze the postharvest losses in all the chain
  • Understand the post harvest physiology of the fresh produce
  • Understand harvest and postharvest technologies
  • Understand the technologies for sanitation and food safety

Work in group, write scientific papers and present reports regarding problematic issues in postharvest and propose solution to industries.