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Sustainable technology of dairy products


About This Course

Academic Unit: Faculty of Agrobusiness
Name of subject: Sustainable technology of dairy products
Level: Master
Subject status: Elective
Study year: II
Number of hours per week: 2+2
Number of ECTS: 5
Time/location: Department FT
Lecturer: Prof.Ass.Dr.. Arsim ELSHANI
Contact details:


The aim of the course is to provide students with basic knowledge in the field of sustainable technology of dairy products. In the part of milk production, the course is only introductory and the main part is based on dairy industry and identification of key problems, technics and methods for strengthening of sustainable technologies in dairy processing. The course is focused on the technology, importance and role of milk and dairy products in human nutrition within the sustainable concept. Particular emphasis of this course is given to determination and classification of waste and by-products in dairy processing and possibilities of their use, processing, reduction and eventually re-use (recirculation, recycling) depending on type. Also, possibilities to prevent pollution of dairy industry at the source is studied.

Expected learning outcome:

Students will become acquainted with the basic terms within the concept of sustainable dairy technology as well as with technology operations in milk processing (production, primary and secondary treatment of milk, separation, homogenization, thermal treatment, different processing procedures, storing) and manufacture of basic dairy products (heat treated milk, cream, butter, fermented milks, cheese). The examples of some dairy industries and case studies both through lesson and by students' projects are presented.