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Agricultural and Food Waste Management


About This Course

Academic Unit: University of Agrobusiness and Agro-ecology
Name of subject: Agricultural and Food Waste Management
Level: Master
Subject status: Mandatory
Study year: 1st Year, 2nd Semester
Number of hours per week: 2+2
Number of ECTS: 6
Time/location: 12:30-14:00, Amphitheater
Lecturer: Prof.Asoc.Dr. Ilir MORINA
Contact details:


The course’s main purpose is to provide the student with the necessary scientific knowledge on the principles and best practices of agricultural and food waste management. Waste generation at the level of individual, family, organization, enterprise, municipality, region, and country. Continuing with regional, European and global generation. Handling them by the range of separation or sorting, reuse, recycling, energy utilization up to landfilling. Types of waste, their value and environmental pressure. To manage qualitatively and how to be in the economic cycle of society.


Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • define the main concepts of agricultural and food waste generation, and their types,
  • interpret key environmental components; to identify the main impacts of waste on the environment,
  • Interpret local and global waste management problems. Their impact on health and climate change,
  • define key global, European and national waste management mechanisms
  • interpret the local environment and its problems