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Advanced Food Science and Technology


About This Course

Academic Unit: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences / Department of Food Technology
Course Title: Advanced Food Science and Technology
Study Level: Master (II cycle)
Course Type: Compulsory
Semester: I
Course Duration (weeks): 15
Weekly Teaching Hours: 3
Credits/ECTS: 5
Lecturer: Nermina Spaho, PhD, Full professor
Contact details:


Objective of the course is to acquaint the students with advanced food science and technology with particular aspect of their contribution to sustainable food production development. It will be covered the basic inter-relations of food sciences with food chemistry, microbiology and food processing. The course will look at various advanced food packaging, non-thermal process, nanotechnology, food encapsulation, novel and genetically modified food and their contribution to sustainable development.


  • Identify the differences between advanced and conventional food technology
  • Identify the impacts of advanced food sciences and technology on sustainable development of food industry
  • Understand what constitutes food science as a discipline and understand the role of a food scientist
  • Explain relation between health, nutrition and nutrients
  • Explain advanced approaches to food technology and food packaging
  • Make an appreciation of food technology and processing industry’s role in society.