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Research Methodology and Tools


About This Course

Academic Unit: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences / Department of Food Technology
Course Title: Research Methodology and Tools
Study Level: Master (II cycle)
Course Type: Compulsory
Semester: I
Course Duration (weeks): 15
Weekly Teaching Hours: 3
Credits/ECTS: 5
Lecturer: Jasmin Garahić, PhD, Assistant Professor
Contact details:


The overall aim of the module is to develop skills and abilities that will enable the students to think critically. This will help them to independently prepare their master's theses. Students will also acquire skills in data collection, assessment, classification and processing.


  • name and define research approaches;
  • explain the necessary conditions for the creation of quality scientific work;
  • define, in detail, all stages in the process of writing of a scientific paper (selecting a topic, methods and techniques of data collection, collecting and studying literature, processing data, writing a scientific paper);
  • name and define all parametric and non-parametric statistical methods.