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Waste and Recycling Technologies in Agriculture


About This Course

Academic Unit: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences / Department of Food Technology
Course Title: Waste and Recycling Technologies in Agriculture
Study Level: Master (II cycle)
Course Type: Elective
Semester: II
Course Duration (weeks): 15
Weekly Teaching Hours: 3
Credits/ECTS: 5
Lecturer: Emir Džomba, PhD, Full professor
Contact details:


Agricultural waste could be a valuable resource if handled responsibly but also a source of serious environmental challenges and public health concerns if managed inappropriately. The aim of this course is to provide basic knowledge on: (i) strategies to reduce nutrients runoff from waste and (ii) technologies used for nutrients recovery from agricultural waste. The focus of this course is on manure and agricultural biomass waste because of their contribution on the majority of negative environmental impacts. In addition, both of them have big potential for nutrients recovery, including biogas production. The overall objective is to develop students' skills in applying different technologies in waste recycling as well as raising students’ awareness on agricultural waste as source of valuable products what is in line with green growth.


  • Elaborate strategies for reducing nutrients runoff from agricultural systems using 3Rs principle.
  • Investigate environmental impacts and explicitly explain the routes of nutrients runoff from agricultural waste.
  • Describe the agricultural waste recycling technologies.