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Sustainable Wine Production


About This Course

Academic Unit: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences / Department of Food Technology
Course Title: Sustainable Wine Production
Study Level: Master (II cycle)
Course Type: Elective
Semester: III
Course Duration (weeks): 15
Weekly Teaching Hours: 3
Credits/ECTS: 5
Lecturer: Milenko Blesić, PhD, Full professor
Contact details:


The main objective of the course is to master the basics of wine production and the technology of still wines through the viewpoint of sustainability. The specific objective of the course is to identify and characterize the sustainability indicators of viticulture and wine production systems, with elaboration of their possible control using regulatory and advanced technical and technological achievements. The specific skills required in agroecologically responsible vineyard design and in the design of wineries and technological lines with a higher level of sustainability are also mastered. The sustainability of the conventional and the so-called 'unconventional' (organic, biodynamic) viticulture and wine productions will be also critically considered and distinguished. Finally, through hands-on lab work, students will be trained in basic analytical evaluation of wine quality and safety.


  • Distinctively reproduce the meanings of terms and definitions in viticulture and winemaking;
  • Functionally and causatively explain and present the most important operations in establishment and exploiting of vineyards;
  • Functionally and causatively explain and present the fundamental operations in the production of still wines;
  • Distinctively explain the conceptual differences between conventional, more sustainable conventional and unconventional viticulture and wine technologies;
  • Reasonably recommend sustainable construction and installation solutions in designing wineries;
  • Argumentative categorization and interpretation of analytically verified properties of wines with regard to their impact on quality and safety;
  • Argumentative discuss the concepts and elements of sustainability in viticulture and wine production;
  • Highlight and characterize sustainability indicators in viticulture and wine production.